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We share and support your commitment to providing excellent legal services and relief to people involved in conflict. We offer reasonable rates, and a simple fee policy with no cancellation fee, no re-set fees, no additional session fees, and no time minimums.

ADR Options

Customized Approaches to Resolving Your Case


Empowering participants with significant control and decision-making authority throughout the proceeding.


Arbitration is more structured than mediation, giving participants less control over the process and results.

Private Trial

Remote and in-person options are now available. This safe, private forum allows for plenty of time to be heard.

Special Master

Our retired judges have a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to oversee both mediation and arbitration processes.

discovery referee

Sometimes known as a Special Master, a discovery referee oversees the fact-finding process of litigation.

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Simple, Transparent Fee Policy

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Our Panelists

We are problem solvers and we look forward to working with you.
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Eileen Barker, Esq.

Employment, Family Law, Forgiveness Specialties, Trusts/ Estates/ Probate, Arbitrators

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Larry Baskin, Esq.

Arbitrators, Business, Construction/Construction Defect, Contracts, Employment, & more.

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Justice Dennis A. Cornell (Ret.)

Arbitrator, Private Judge, Family Law, Mediator, Case Evaluation, Appellate Consultation, Moot Court, & more

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J. Michael Matthews, Esq

Attorney Fees, Business/ Commercial, Partnership and Corporate disputes/ Dissolution, Construction, & more

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Alan M. Mayer, Esq.

Land Use, Homeowners Association, Landlord/Tenant, Tree Law, Real Estate, Contracts, Insurance, & more

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Barbara S. Monty, Esq.

Arbitrator, Business, Contracts, Discovery Referee, Elder Abuse, Forgiveness, Homeowners, & more

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Gary T. Ragghianti, ESQ.

Arbitrators, Construction/ Construction Defect, Contracts, Elder Abuse, Employment, Insurance, Land Use / Boundary Disputes, & more

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Judge Vernon F. Smith

Construction / Construction Defect, Contracts, Arbitrator, Private Judges, Trusts/ Estates/ Probate

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J. Randolph Wallace, ESQ.

Complex Commercial Litigation, Contractual Matters, Insurance, Land Use, Trust and Estate Litigation, Elder Abuse, & more

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Matthew N. White, Esq.

Discovery Referee, Elder Abuse, Employment, Insurance, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Tree Law/Neighbor Disputes Trusts, & more

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W. Bruce Wold, Esq.

Aviation, Business, Construction/ Construction Defect, Consumer Law/ Product Law, Contracts, Discovery referee, Employment, & more

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Judge Richard H. Briener (Ret.)


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Judge Michael B. Dufficy (Ret.)



A Woman Owned Business

We always retain the rich character of her dynamic personality.

If sturdy foundation is everything in construction and in life, Resolution Remedies is certain to have healthy longevity. Diane Levinson-Fass started the firm in 1995 after stints with Judicial Resources (which she helped found), Judicial Arbitration Services (JAMS), and Endispute. When Endispute and JAMS merged in 1994, Levinson-Fass bravely set out on her own to organize Resolution Remedies right at the time when mediation and arbitration services were beginning to flourish as viable alternatives to lengthy trials and pricey litigation.Diane Levinson-Fass now has the opportunity to spend more time with her family, but she remains an active consultant with the firm, which will always bear the rich character of her dynamic personality

Our case manager has an extensive background with Resolution Remedies and civil litigation, and is a trained mediator and former ADR client. This experience informs her full-service, personalized approach to guiding our clients from intake to conclusion.

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We are problem solvers and we look forward to working with you! 

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